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Without a doubt, one of the BEST parts of our FitQueen Challenges is our FitQueen Community Group on Facebook. There are over 57,000 women in this group on the exact same journey as you, so it’s a powerful tool when it comes to connecting with likeminded women and seeking advice on all things fitness and nutrition related!

Here are some hints on how to get the most out of our FitQueen Community Group:

It’s a great idea to regularly check the « Announcements » tab in the group.  I regularly post updates and helpful information as an announcement in the group.  I can only have 1 pinned post (showing at the top of the feed) at a time, but I may have many announcements that you want to read. 

Utilizing the « Search » function is a great way to get fast answers.  There are over 57,000 women in our group, and some of these ladies have done 5, 6, or 7 FitQueen Challenges and are a wealth of knowledge.  There’s a good chance that topics you’d like to discuss or questions you want to ask have been talked about before.  When you click the magnifying button, you can search for keywords or phrases here:

If there are previous posts with the same topic you are searching, they will appear. This is a super helpful way to find information FAST!

I hope this helps,

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